Do I need a booster for Soundtraxx Tsunami 2 or Econami Programming

No form of programming track booster is required with these newer decoders.

FYI reminder: You do not need a programing track booster with the NCE Power Cab.

We have tested the 5 amp PH-Pro / Powerhouse / Power Pro system boxes and the CS02 command station with the new Soundtraxx Econami and Tsunami2 Decoders. Here are the test results:

The new decoders from Soundtraxx do NOT need any programming track booster at all. As you can see from the pictures below we are able to read them just fine with no booster. In addition, if you are using a DCC Specialties programming track booster known as the PowerPax you will NOT be able to read CVs at all. The Soundtraxx PTB-100 seems to be OK when used with the new decoders. The crux of the problem here is the PowerPax booster from Tony’s. For whatever reason, that booster does not work well with the newer Tsunami2 or Econami products. If the customer removes the PowerPax from the circuit, the decoders will program without issues on both NCE Power Cab and Power House systems.



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