Check or Reset a Cab06

If this is a wireless cab, remove batteries first!  Your Command Station should be on. You will need to have a cable and be able to plug the cab in somewhere. Either directly into the command station using the cab bus jack or plug the cab into a functioning throttle panel. 

1. Hold down the "select" key while plugging in the cab. After plugged in, release the button.

2. You are now in cab setup mode. You will see the current Cab Address displayed with a blinking cursor. Note the existing cab number so you can set the cab back to it later.

3. To reset a cab to factory defaults. press 00 for the address, then press enter. This resets the cab to factory defaults and using cab address 3.

4. If you do not wish to reset or change the Cab Address press enter. If you need to change the Cab Address use this screen by keying in the desired number and press enter. 

5. continue pressing enter until you arrive back at the regular screen


reminder- cab address range is based on system

twin - 0 and 1 used by twin / 2- 7 for throttles / 8, 9, 10 cab bus for devices only

powercab- 2 used by powercab - 3, 4, 5 for throttles (6,7 reserved) 8,9, 10 cab bus for devices only

sb5 2- 7 throttles / 8, 9, 10 cab bus for devices only

power pro system 2 - 63 throttles

RB02- max 16 Procabs running radio - must use cab address 2-17
all others can use 2 – 49 preferred 18 - 49

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