Using Function Keys while in a Consist

You may find that some decoders behave unexpectedly after being put in a consist with an NCE system. The function keys may not work, or the loco may "forget" which functions are on or off. We have some ways to deal with this below.

All of these command station settings are in the fifth section of the system menu. You press the PROG/ESC 5 times. the display will read: SET CMD STATION. Press enter.

Go through the menu options one at a time, pressing enter to advance to the next option. The two options you want are:

Send Functions to Consist, and Function Refresh Enable. Turn them on by pressing 1 for Yes on the appropriate screen



This parameter enables Function (F0-F12) commands to be repeated on the rails after the “normal” number (TEMP PKTS… see TEMP PKTS above) of commands are sent. If non-zero, Function Group 1, Function Group 2 and Function Group 3 commands are generated and sent out over the rails for the current active locomotive on each cab. The rate of sending these packets is approximately .004 * n seconds (where n = value). Example: n = 250 refreshes all function group one packets about once each second.
This should only be used when using Decoders (such as LENZ and TCS) that do not
remember their Function status after a power interruption. All NCE and some premium
Digitrax decoders remember their function status.


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