EU / UK Noise suppression interferes with DCC

Be aware that ANY DCC device designed for, or sold, outside the United States may or may NOT conform to the US NMRA standards! Pay very close attention to this for any locomotive designed for the European market. In particular: Some locomotives or accessory decoders (DC or DCC) may contain noise suppression devices that interfere with the proper operation of NMRA DCC equipment. Examples of this would be capacitors and / or inductors (chokes) installed directly in the item somewhere. They could be directly on the frame, on a printed circuit board, or connected directly to a motor. These devices are mandated to prevent interference with other electronic devices. However, they can also interfere with the proper operation of an NMRA compliant DCC system.




Point motors – Mfg DCC Concepts Mfg  #036. The decoder is built in on both the Cobalt digital and digital IP point motors.

Loco 2323 – Mfg is Bachmann UK Model # 32-233.  Decoder is Hornby Mfg #048 V131

Loco 9635 – Mfg is Bachmann UK Model # 32-280A Decoder is TCS Mfg #151 V089.

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