Power Cab - Buy all at once or upgrade as you go? Wireless Cab Options

This question comes up a lot and I have decided to put my answer down on paper for a more formal explanation. If you know that down the road you might need more power for more locos or you will want wireless deciding on a place to start gets a bit murky because you have a lot of options.


                                      Scenario:  I might want wireless later.

                                       Option A: The wireless Power Cab.

Initial Purchase: Power Cab $200         (5240025)       

Upgrades to go wireless later:

$97 to upgrade Power Cab to wireless, 4 weeks wait on upgrade.

$220 for SB5 5 amp booster / command station (5240027) to power the track since Power Cab will be unplugged. Bonus of getting a Power Capacity upgrade from 2 amps to 5 amps. In HO scale that is going for 4 locos to 10.

$160 for RB02 Radio Receiver. (5240023) Plugs into NCE cab bus on the SB5

Total: $677   One cab / Max 6 operators / Max 6 cabs / 5 amps of Power / about 10 HO locos


                                      Option B: Add a second Wireless cab instead

Initial Purchase: Power Cab $200  (5240025)       

Upgrades to go wireless later:

Power Cab stays plugged in at all times.

Add a Cab06r (5240040) $190 or a Pro Cab R (5240011) $250

Add RB02 Radio Receiver (5240023) $160

Total: $550 - $610 Two cabs - One is wireless / Max 4 operators / Max 4 cabs / 2 amps of Power / about 4 HO locos

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