NCE Mini Panel used for signaling control

Use a Mini Panel in conjunction with Light-Its or Illuminators and BD20s for a completely automated Signalling solution. The BD20 provides train detection, Mini Panel generates the signal logic according to your programming needs and send the commands to the Light-It boards connected to your signal heads. All using standard NMRA DCC and signalling commands.  

Build the kind of control panels you’ve always wanted without complicated wiring. Use one button to control multiple switches or macros on your NCE DCC System. Up to 30 pushbuttons, toggle switches, block detectors, etc. can be connected for control of turnouts, signals and other devices. The Mini Panel is easy to program with a ProCab. Hook up is simple: one Cab Bus connection and 2 wires for each pushbutton or other input device. It can be used to perform simple automatic train control and other layout automation tasks.

Mini Panel has 30 Programmable Inputs. Each input can be controlled by a single push button. Each of the Programmable Inputs can have up to 4 steps each. Each Programmable input step can also be configured in a variety of ways.

1. Control an accessory decoder such as a Switch It.

2. Control a locomotive with a DCC address. This can be a speed, direction or activate a function output command. Perfect for trolley and subway lines.

3. Access and Execute any NCE command station Macro. Example: Yard Ladder Routing.

4. Trigger a Signal and set the Signal Aspect, works with the NCE Light-It and Illuminator

5. Other cool stuff like link to another input, add a timed delay, wait for an action to take place.

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