Nested consisting or Helper service

The basic assumption that CV19 can only hold a single value ( the consist ID number ) is correct.

Some additional information:

  1. After creating the initial consist you could overwrite it with a second consist.
  2. You can by mistake enter the SAME loco in multiple consists. The command station does not care or keep track of the fact that the loco is already used in a previous consist.
  3. You should always create and delete consists with all locos on the track. This is to ensure that all locos involved get updated correctly.
  4. If you have more than one system / command station or any of the locos in the consist will be used on a different layout, then you will need to address the SET OF LOCOS (CONSIST) by using the consist ID and NOT the lead loco number. The alias (automatic translation) between the lead loco number and the consist ID only resides in the command station memory of the command station it was created on.
  5. You can “NEST” or layer one consist inside another one! Example:  You have a really long train with three locos on the front using consist ID 127.  Now you need to add a set of locos on the rear for helper service to cross over a mountain. The rear two locos are consist ID 126.  Now here is the really cool part.  You can create a NEW consist that contains BOTH sets of locos. To do this you create new consist , say we use 100. Consist ID 100 contains consist 127 and consist 126! You just add the consist IDs as if they were individual locos.  You have just combined the front consist of the three locos (consist id 127 ) AND the helper consist on the rear (consist id 126) into a single unit (consist id 100). Once you cross over the mountain you would delete your consist of 100, leaving the other two consists (127 and 126) completely unaffected.
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