Light-It and Illuminator FAQ and Troubleshooting

Important tidbits that might help:

  1. The decoder MUST be in programming mode for the entire sequence. You should be able to visibly see a CHANGE in the decoder LEDs right at the end when you complete the process. It can take a few tries to get the sequence done correctly. The instructions are VERY specific for each programming method and need to be followed 100%.
  2. You can try a factory reset: use loco address of 3 ( no zeros) Set CV 128  to a value of 170 will reset the decoder to factory defaults. Again you should notice something changing when done.
  3. The onboard LED and the first channel for W/G cannot be used at the same time. That would really be two LEDs on the same channel, which will NOT work. If you use the external connection you must cut the onboard Led out of the circuit. This means that when programming the LED you have connected to the first channel will be the one that blinks instead.
  4. Some older Digitrax systems do not support the standard NMRA DCC lighting commands we use in all of our DCC products. They use proprietary Digitrax only lighting commands.



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