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FAQ - The LEDs on both ends of the interface do not stay on all the time. The LEDs will flicker when data is being transferred. Do not attempt to install or run JMRI or other similar software until AFTER the USB board driver and hardware are configured correctly. If JMRI is already installed, remove JMRI and all DCC hardware profile folders that were created during the installation. You must reinstall JMRI AFTER the drivers and hardware have been verified as working correctly.  In most cases with Windows 7 or 10, manually installing drivers is unnecessary. This driver is for the NCE USB interface board only. The USB board is plug-and-play right out of the package.


For first-time installation, your NCE system must be plugged in and powered on to the point where you can run trains before connecting a USB interface and PC. Your PC must have an internet connection.

The Power Cab USB board AND the Power Pro USB to serial cable are BOTH plug and play out of the package. Manually installing drivers is NOT needed. Remove ALL the jumpers from the USB board, but keep them just in case.

With the NCE system on and working, the PC on and connected to the internet, connect both ends of the USB board (Power Cab) or USB-serial cable (Ph-Pro).

Windows will install the driver automatically if your PC is connected to the internet. If it does not, look in Widows Update for "optional updates." Always install EVERYTHING listed in all sections of the Windows update, including ALL optional updates. Reboot as needed between updates. Complete this step before calling NCE.

For remote support from NCE, you must install Microsoft Quick Assist on your Windows 10 or 11 PC before calling us. Go here  

 We can be reached from 9 am to 4 pm M-F eastern time at 585-265-0230. Please be in front of your PC with working internet access before calling.

The NCE USB supports Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11. NCE does not have the in-house resources to support Apple products. Apple users, please contact the online JMRI users group for help at

The USB board is VERY low power (5v/30mA). Damage due to static and bad grounds is possible. Laptops and laptop power supplies are notorious for bad ground and noisy power. A good surge protector is highly recommended for all DCC equipment AND your PC!

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