A list of common myths and misconceptions of DCC

1. To extend radio range you can use pie pan.    FALSE
2. You have to use Snubbers if your Bus wire is long.   FALSE
3. DCC track signal is "standard" AC or DC  FALSE  The DCC signal is a FORM of AC called PWM.
4. I can read DCC voltage correctly with a multi-meter FALSE
only a purpose built DCC meter such as the RRampmeter or an oscilloscope will give accurate readings. You can get "close" with a regular meter set to AC.
5. larger layouts need more boosters - FALSE
The number of boosters needed is based on power consumption. Factors include: How many locos are running at the SAME TIME. Do they have sound or lights? Do you run lighted passenger cars? Do you have stationary decoders on the track bus?
6. The booster with the highest current rating is the best.  FALSE
An oversized booster will have too much available inrush current for smaller scales. Unless you have correctly set circuit protection, locomotive damage is possible.   
7. Sound Decoders take a lot more power.  FALSE
High inrush current is only at cold start up.  While running, sound only adds     20% more power.
8. BEMF never works in a consist.  FALSE
It is more sensitive to mismatches of decoder/ loco / manufacturer and is difficult to setup correctly. But, it can be done. Most users do not need BEMF, and it is ok to disable if causing issues.
9. The command station will shut down when a booster shorted. Maybe
If you only have one booster and no circuit breaker at all, then yes. Remember that the protection in ANY booster or Command station is only designed to protect the equipment it is part of.
10. Programming on the main / OPS mode prgramming is dangerous.  False
Use for specific decoder address / specific CV. Just dont use broadcast / blast mode -  address 0. Remember you get NO readback of CV  in POM / ops mode
CV29 is different among decoders  - false
The four Mandatory NMRA CV's are:
CV1  Primary (short) address
CV7  Manufacturer version number
CV8  Manufacturer ID Number
CV29 Configuration Data
12. Decoders can be selected based on physical size - false
13. it's ok to run DC and DCC at the same time - false

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