Booster Diagrams

Boosters are connected via the NCE Control bus. The signal originates from an NCE Command station such as the PH-Pro or CS02. The Control bus is then daisy chained in and out to multiple boosters as needed.

The control bus sockets on the front of the PB5 are paired to allow wiring the control signal coming from the command station to “daisy chain” through the booster. Use the supplied 1 foot cable to connect the PB5 to your command station’s CONTROL BUS socket. The remaining (unused) socket on the PB5 can be used to connect to other Boosters in daisy chain fashion. Use only the 4-wire RJ-H
cable for this purpose. Longer cables may be used if more distance is needed between power stations. The last power station at the end of the daisy chain will have one empty socket. The PB5 will place a nominal 6mA load on the
command station control bus.





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