SB5 - Smartbooster for the Power Cab


The SB5 Smart Booster adds expanded and updated features to a Power Cab DCC system. The first and most noticeable feature is additional power (5 Amps) to run trains and accessories. Your Power Cab when used with the SB5 can now be unplugged and used in true walk around fashion. It no longer needs to remain connected for the system to work. Up to 6 cabs can be used with the SB5 (Cab address range 2 through 7). Equipped Cabs have up to six recalls each when used with the SB5. Additional 5 Amp boosters (DB5) may be added to the SB5 for even more power handling on larger layouts.

The SB5 does NOT have a programming track output. The basic Power Cab provides this capability. Use only the power supply included with the SB5. Use of another supply will void the warranty.

The power supply that came with the Power Cab is only needed when using the Power Cab as full system along with the Power Cab Panel. An example would be: to run a test track on your workbench. The Power Cab functions as a Pro Cab when used with the SB5 and is then powered by the SB5. If you have no need for a test track on a workbench, you can reuse the original Power Cab Panel as a UTP – Universal Throttle Panel. Simply use the plug on the back of the panel to plug it in up to 30 feet away from the SB5. In this case the panel needs no power at all since you just using it as a throttle extension.

Check out the Power Cab upgrade path section for more information.

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