What do I need to go Wireless?

You will need a Radio Base Station ( RB02 ) and any NCE Wireless Radio Cab.

Any cab that ends with an R is Radio equipped. Example: Cab06r or Pro Cab R

ANY existing NCE throttle can be upgraded to wireless click here to find out how.


NCE does not sell wireless self-installation parts or kits to the general public. Factory Authorized Technicians do all installations for warranty purposes. The wireless cab upgrade is $106 plus return shipping charges (see below). Please put your complete contact info in the box: Full name, contact number, email, and address. The service department will contact you with a total. No RMA number needed. Include a description of what you want done. For US customers, return shipping charges are $10 for a single cab. International return shipping charges Canada USD 21 for the first pound, + $10 per pound after. For all Other Countries, $25 for the first pound + $15 per pound after. 


Send to: NCE Corporation
                Attn: Upgrades
                82 East Main Street
               Webster, NY. 14580

Please use your carrier's online tracking system to verify your package has arrived.

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