P114 For Power Cab 5240221

Input 120VAC/220VAC, output 13.8 VDC 24 watt.   5.5 mm barrel plug with a 2.5mm center plug (center is +)

Additional or replacement DC power supply for the Power Cab system and other model railroad uses. When used with the UTP - Universal Throttle Panel this will add power to the cab bus for larger layouts.  

The Power Cab has a built in over current sensing for basic self-protection that will continuously try to reset until destroyed if left uncorrected. Neither the Power Cab or the P114 have manual circuit breakers that will trip or fuses that will blow. Use a DCC circuit breaker like the EB1v1.1 to protect your system. 

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 don't forget to use a REAL surge protector not a power strip



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