Switch-Kat for Kato, Lemaco, Rapido Rail Crew, or LGB remote control turnouts

Switch-Kat Accessory (Switch Machine)Decoder

This decoder is designed to control Kato, Lemaco or LGB remote control turnouts. The switch machine solenoid outputs are rated for 1A maximum. Lighting outputs are rated at 100mA. Switch-Kat remembers the position of switch during power outages. Supports the full range of DCC accessory addresses (1-2044). Easy address programming, no need to connect it to programming track. A simple hook up, 2 wires to the track, 2 wires to the switch connections for optional "local" control push buttons or “track trips”. Connections for optional position indicator lights.

The Switch-Kat  is a single channel device. BUT it has enough power to throw two Kato solenoids. 
So a single switch, a crossover, or a double crossover could all be controlled by a single Switch-Kat!

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