How to use Cab05 with a Power Cab


Just as every locomotive has a separate number (address in DCC terms) each cab needs a separate address so the command station can distinguish one cab from another. Each CAB05 is shipped from the factory with the address of 5 and 6 . If this is not your first CAB05 you will have to change the address before using the cab.  

Note*** If you are using the Cab05 with a Power Cab, the cab addresses used in the Cab05 MUST be changed before it will function.  Click here for more information.

To change the cab address: 1) Turn on the command station 2) Unplug your cab from the command station 3) Press and hold down the SELECT LOCO button on the cab while plugging in the cab. The cab will now enter its internal setup program. This is indicated by a flashing of the status LED. 4) Press “1” to enter the cab address setup mode. Notice the flashing of the LED slows to indicate it is ready to accept the new address. 5) To change the address type in a new address such as 3 followed by the ENTER key. If you enter a number outside this range the LED will flash rapidly indicating an error. If you get an error go back to step. This finishes setting the cab address.



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