This decoder is designed for easy installation in Lifelike Proto 2000 SW8/SW9/SW1200 Locomotives.

There are two options available for wiring the Headlight:12 or 14 volt bulb:Wire a 12 - 14 volt bulb to the holes indicated in the drawing below then solder a short jumper wire between the holes marked with an "X" to connect the function output to the Headlight bulb. White LED: Solder white LED to the solder pads at the front of the decoder. The long lead (anode) of the LED solders to the top pad of the decoder. Be sure to insulate the lower lead with shrink tubing or line the groove in the locomotive weight with a strip of black tape to keep the LED from shorting to the frame. There is already a 1K resistor installed on the decoder for the LED. (Do NOT solder a jumper at “X”)





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