Wireless Cab Upgrade Costs

To get radio firmware version on a Pro Cab or converted Power Cab, turn off the cab, then turn off the DCC system. Hit the red e-stop button to turn the throttle back on. You will see the wireless version on the screen. The current WIRELESS radio version is 1.7.

Note**  Version 1.5 cabs DO NOT need to be updated unless you also have Cab06s being used on he same layout.

However, If you have a new cab or updated cab with wireless version 1.7 the RB02 must be version 2.5. Note that this is different from the Pro Cab keypad and display firmware which is always 1.3.  


Any cab that is NOT version 1.5 or higher will need a new wireless board with internal antenna installed. The cost for this is $106+ return shipping. You will also need to send in your RB02 radio base station if it is not version 2.5. Check the sticker on the bottom. If you have a Cab06, the RB02 must be version 2.5. To upgrade your RB02 to the current wireless firmware is $30 per item + return shipping.


NCE does not sell wireless self installation parts or kits to the general public. All installations are done by Factory Authorized Technicians for warranty purposes. Wireless upgrade of any cab is $106 plus return shipping charges (see below). Please put your complete contact info in the box, full name, contact number, email address. If you need to pay by credit card or include a check, the service department will call you with a total. Estimated upgrade time is 4 weeks from when the package arrives.  No RMA number needed. Include your contact info including full name, email address, phone number, and a description of what you want done.  

For US customers return shipping charges is $8+.  Wireless upgrades are not available for those with a Canadian mailing address. All Other Countries, the return shipping is $45 for first pound, + $20 per pound after. 

Shipping address:

NCE Corporation
Attn: Upgrades
82 East Main Street
Webster, NY. 14580

 Please do not call us for information or status about your repair. You will NOT be notified when your package arrives. Please use your carriers online tracking system to verify your package arrived.

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