Quick Start for radio operation:


1- Make sure the DCC system is on.

2- Make sure your wireless equipped cab is setup in the proper address range (wireless

ProCabs use addresses 2-17, wireless small cabs use addresses 19-49).

3- Make sure your wireless cab has fresh, correctly installed batteries and the antenna is


4- On the ProCab press EMERGENCY STOP (HORN on small cabs) until the cab powers

  1. If you have trouble turning on the ProCab try pushing ENTER at the same time as

EMERGENCY STOP.  The LCD on the ProCab will then briefly display the cab version

number and cab address just as when plugging it in to the cab bus.  Then it will display

the software version and Layout ID of the radio in the cab.  With smaller cabs the “Data

Entry” LED on the front of the cab will briefly light.

5- If all is working properly you should see a steady ‘heartbeat’ pulsing of the red light on top

of the cab.  This light flashes every time the cab responds to a probe from the radio base

  1. On the ProCab your normal operating screens should be displayed on the LCD.

On smaller cabs the red LED on the front of the cab should briefly light when a key is pressed.


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