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G-Wire is a complete QSI product line manufactured by QSI with one exception, the NCE G-wire cab.  The NCE G cab is not part of NCE's regular DCC product line.

it competes with most large scale wireless system but the primarily at CVP's AirWire (A-wire) system.

To learn more about G-Wire, go here:


G wire is DCC, but it is 100% wireless DCC as opposed to track based DCC which is what most most of the indoor scales use.  The NCE G-Cab, acting as the command station, sends wireless DCC commands to all G-Wire wireless receiver install directly inside the engine.  Like a DCC decoder, each G-Wire receiver has a unique decoder address.

Information about the G-Wire Cab itself including the manual is found at QSI:

2) QSI Wireless Reciever
The wireless receivers are made by QSI and are found here:

The G-Wire is plug and play with Specific QSI decoders (see belew) but can be made to work with any DCC decoder with some external circuits.  This information is at the bottom of the wire receiver page .  In this case any NCE O and G scale decoder would work assuming it support the engines motor current requirements.

3) QSI G-Scale G-Wire "Plug and Play" compatible Decoders
The G-wire receiver is "plug and play" with QSI's AristoCraft G scale sound decoder:

The G-wire receiver is "plug and play" with QSI's Magnum G scale sound decoder:

4) Power

G-Wire does not use nor need DCC boosters.  If the engine gets power from the track, as opposed to a battery, the track power is DC and not DCC.  The voltage can vary but it more than 12VDC and less than 20VDC.
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