This HO sized decoder with nine-pin connectorized wiring harness provides easy installation. With 1.3 Amp (2 Amp peak) motor drive it also has six function outputs. Size: 1.50" x 0.63" x 0.25".  

All lighting outputs including headlights are full track power.

If you use LEDs we recommend a 1K ohm 1/4 Watt series resistor for each output

➙ Miniatronics #12-310-05 Yellow Glo White LEDs.
➙ Richmond Controls (or equivalent) Golden White LEDs.
➙ Miniatronics #18-712-10 (12v) or #18-014-10 (14v) incandescent bulbs
Function output ratings: Due to the high in-rush current of incandescent grain-of-wheat type bulbs (about 10 times their normal operating current) function outputs are rated at 40mA each if used with incandescent bulbs. We recommend the Miniatronics part number mentioned above. If you wish to use 50-100mA rated lamps we recommend a 22 ohm 1/4 Watt series resistor in function leads with each bulb (this will also greatly extend bulb life).


The newer version (REV E) of the D13SRJ has solder pads on the rear of the decoder for SMD 805 resistors for the four function outputs! see below


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