NCE Voltage Settings

Recommended voltages
Z-scale 10v
N-scale 12v
HO-scale 13.8/14v
O-scale 18v

These will read as AC coming out of the booster and on the rails

The 5amp and 10amp PH Pro Systems, the P105 and the PB110 Boosters can all use either AC or DC Power Supplies. Maximum input voltages are 18VAC / 24VDC

The P515 we sell for use with the 5amp PH Pro is 15VAC
The Brutus we sell for use with the 10amp PH Pro is 18VAC.

The PH Pro System Box, the P105 and the PB110 all have a voltage adjustment potentiometer inside the box that can be accessed from a small hole in the rear.
This allows for flexibility and voltage matching to other boosters as needed.

The PH Pro and PB105 are used for Z, N, HO, and S scales.
The PB110 should be used for O and G Scales only, unless voltage is lowered by the end user and proper circuit protection is added for use with smaller scales.

Because of a change in Federal Regulations we were forced to change power supplies on any new products going forward The new power supplies are all DC Switching Power Supplies with the required power factor correction.
This new supply has two output options: 12vdc and 13.8vdc with a switch on the supply. This new supply is being used in all of newer products such as the PB5, SB5, and DB5. All new Products going forward will be required to be sold with this type of supply. To sum up, the power supplies are fixed, the adjustments are in the System boxes.

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