Step 1 - The Power Cab



The best solution for a small layout or anyone starting out with DCC. Extremely easy to setup. Most people can run trains in 10 minutes. Usually 1 or 2 operators. Maximum of 4 cabs / operators on the layout. The Power Cab must be plugged in on the left side with the flat cable to run the layout. Use an Eb1 (v1.1) to protect the Power Cab against short circuits. The Power Cab has 2 amps of current output capacity @ 13.8v track voltage. (Note:: DCC is measured as AC)  The Power Cab is good for about 4 HO scale locos or 8 N scale locos running at the same time. Locomotives that are parked not in use can remain on the layout because they draw VERY little power. We do not include them in our calculations..

The seven foot, 6 wire FLAT cable for the Power Cab contains full track power and the wall power from the 2 amp power supply. The cable used for the Power Cab is thicker and heavier for this purpose. You cannot substitute ANY other type of cable. Using NON NCE CABLES WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Longer cables or coiled cables are not available or recommended.

A second cab like a Cab06 (5240039) or a Pro Cab (5240010) can be added with a longer cable. You can also add a second panel, a UTP (5240207), for the second cab to be used in a second location. The Power Cab will still need to stay in the original Power Cab Panel using the original 7ft. flat cable.

The replacement power supply for the Power Cab kit is a P114 (5240221). Using ANY other Power Supply is not recommended and will void the factory warranty.

The Power Cab has built in overload for basic self-protection that will continuously try to reset the Power Cab ever 1/2 second (500ms) until damaged if it is left uncorrected. The Power Cab does not have circuit breakers that will trip or fuses that will blow. Use the new EB1 v1.1 electronic circuit breaker to protect the Power Cab against short circuits.

For more information on protecting your new Power Cab go here:

 Click here to buy a Power Cab now.    524-0025      524-25

Make sure you add a DCC track power circuit breaker like the NCE EB1:  Click here



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