Change, Check, or Reset a Cab Address on a Power Cab or Pro Cab

For a wireless cab, remove the batteries and leave them out. Your Command Station should be on.  

1. Hold down the "select loco" key while plugging in the cab to the command station cab bus jack. After plugged in, release the button.

2. You are now in cab setup mode. You will see the current Cab Address displayed with a blinking cursor.

3. To reset a cab to factory defaults. press 00 for the address, then press enter. This resets the cab to factory defaults and using cab address 2. If you do not wish to reset or change the Cab Address press enter instead of 00. If you need to change the Cab Address, use this screen by keying in the desired number and press enter. 

5. press the prog/esc key to complete the process and get back to regular operating mode. 


Reminder- The valid cab address range is based on the command station / system being used.

DCC Twin: 0 and 1 used by Throttle A and Throttle B on the Twin / 2- 7 for throttles or cab bus devices / 8, 9, 10 cab bus for devices only

Power Cab: The default is 2 used by Power Cab - 3, 4, 5 for throttles or cab bus devices (6, 7 reserved) 8,9, and 10 cab bus for devices only

SB5: 2-7 throttles or cab bus devices / 8, 9, 10 cab bus for devices only

CS02/ Ph-Pro / Power Pro system: Use 2 - 63 throttles or cab bus devices. 

RB02-  special considerations:

16 WIRELESS Pro Cabs - They must use cab addresses 2-17. This is due to the extended display requirements. All other wireless cabs can use any number between 2 – 49. However it is a good idea to use the upper numbers of (18 - 49) to keep lower numbers (2-17) open for wireless Pro Cabs.






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