Yard Mode

To change yard mode: 1. hold down select loco while plugging in cab. let go of the button now. This gets you into the cab menu options. 2. The first screen is the Cab id, press enter one time for yard mode selection. The options are:  1 for yard  or  2 for normal.  the default is 2 for normal Press enter to use the existing setting, or make changes as needed. When done use the prog /esc key to exit out of the menu.

 ** note:

 Yard mode doesn't work on encoder throttles if the "Radio Fix" is turned on in the command station setup menu. "Radio Fix" was an attempt to fix a radio bug prior to the RB02. The bug was fixed with the version 2.0 firmware. If you have a new (or upgraded) RB02 ( version 2.0 or greater) then you should turn the Radio Fix off as it is not needed. With the Radio Fix off yard mode works fine with all throttles, both pot and encoder types.






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