Do I use a Mini Panel, a Command Station Macro or Both?

Mini Panel has 30 Programmable Inputs. Each input can be controlled by a single push button. Each of the Programmable Inputs can have up to 4 steps each. Each Programmable input step can also be configured in a variety of ways.

1. Control any type of DCC accessory decoder such as a Switch It.

2. Control a locomotive with a DCC address. This can be a speed, direction or activate a function output command.

3. Access and Execute any NCE command station Macro.

4. Trigger a Signal and set the Signal Aspect.

5. Other cool stuff like link to another input, add a timed delay, wait for an action to take place.


A command station macro can only control items that have an accessory decoder address. You get 255 possible macros in the PH-Pro 5-amp systems. 16 in the Power Cab, Twin and SB5. In the PH-Pro a macro can control up to 10 accessory decoders. In the Power Cab, Twin and SB5 a macro can control up to 8 accessory decoders. 

Now, here is the cool part: You can do both! Look closely at item 3 in the Mini-Panel description above. You can program the mini panel to access and execute command station macros. Think about that for a minute. A single step of one mini panel input can control up to 10 accessories IN ONE STEP via a command station macro. That means between the 4 steps of a SINGLE mini panel input and 10 accessory decoder commands of a command station macro you could control 40 switches with ONE mini panel button!

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