Bachmann E-Z Command decoder equipped Turnout

You can use the NCE Power Cab but see Caveat below.

 The Bachmann E-Z Command decoder equipped Turnout included instructions are written for use with the Bachmann E-Z Command Control Center. Except for how to place the turnout in programming mode, do not use the instructions with any other DCC system including Bachmann’s E-Z Command Dynamis.

With the turnout installed on the layout and DCC power on, place the Bachmann turnout in programming mode by pressing the Programming button located on the turnout until the turnout point rails toggle. Then release the button and follow the instructions (To program accessory decoders on the main press ENTER. [7] ) page 36, in the NCE Power Cab System Reference Manual.

 Caveat -   A loss of control of the turnout after successfully programming has been identified; however, the cause or solution has not been determined or commented on by Bachmann. At this time, it is unknown how many turnouts are involved or if their decoder is the root of the issue. The issue: When system power is turned on after being off for a period of time, the turnouts can not be controlled and the turnout has to be reprogrammed. This issue is reported occurring with other DCC systems not just NCE DCC systems.

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