Adding the RB02 to your layout

The current stable version of the wireless firmware for cabs is 1.5,1.5a, or 1.5b. This is not the same as display and keypad firmware, which is always 1.3, as shown on the boot screen.

Note*** Users with version 1.7 wireless who are also experiencing issues should contact support. 

The current stable version of the RB02 radio receiver firmware is 2.1.  You will find an RB02 version sticker on the bottom of the case. Users with RB02 version 2.5 wireless who are experiencing issues should contact support.




RB02 Hookup:

1- Thread the included antenna to the mating connector at the RB02.

2- Connect the included six-wire cable from the “Bus” connector on the RB02 to a convenient

Cab Bus connection on your layout (a UTP panel is shown as the connection point



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