How the Recall Button works

The recall button keeps your most recent locos used in memory. It can hold up to 6 locos in a rotating list. All it does is save you the steps of pressing the “select loco” key and entering the loco number each time. That is the only purpose. This has nothing to do with how many locos you can have on your layout or what the addresses of those locos are. As long as all your locos are DCC equipped all you have to do is select the loco by number then press enter to gain control of the loco. The number of locos on the track is irrelevant to this discussion. 

To change the number of recall slots on a Procab or Powercab: Hit Prog /esc key 6 times to get to the cab parameters menu. Hit enter twice. Then enter your desired number of recall slots. Press Enter. Then press escape to get back to the main menu.

The recall button comes set to a default of 2 locomotive slots. It can be set to any number from 1-6. Setting this to 1 recall slot effectively disables the recall button. Thus requiring the user to input a locomotive number each time a change is needed. Using 1 recall slot can be useful in situations where the recall button is inadvertently hit by the engineer while operating.

This button toggles between the last two to six trains addressed. RECALL allows you to keep two to six locomotives and/or consists active in the command station memory and access them in “round-robin” fashion with each press of the button. Think of RECALL as being a set of memory slots. To put a locomotive in a recall “slot”, press SELECT LOCO and enter the loco or consist to be operated. To put another locomotive in the next slot press RECALL to access the next slot. Now press SELECT LOCO and enter the second loco. When additional trains are to be added either a “slot” with “000” or an expendable loco/consist must be displayed on the screen. Whatever is on the display will be replaced with the new loco/consist.

The number of RECALLS for each cab can be changed within the “SET CAB PARAMS” menu (see PROG button description). The factory set value is two. You may also “clear out” any locomotives in the recall slots using the “SET CAB PARAMS” menu. We don’t advise using RECALL in Yard mode.





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