Wireless Pro Cab On / Off and Auto Shutoff Delay

To turn on the cab: Press “EMERGENCY STOP”. The display will activate and show the ‘version message’ but the backlight of the LCD display will not be on. The ‘version message’ will not disappear until the cab successfully communicates with the radio base station. After the cab communicates with the base station normal operations can begin just as if you were plugged in to the cab bus.

To turn off the cab: Press “EXPN” and select option #1 (TURN CAB OFF).

 Automatic shutdown: As it comes from the factory, the cab will automatically shut itself off after 10 munites of inactivity. This time can changed from 2 to 20 minutes by pressing “EXPN” and selecting option #2 (SETUP RADIO). Press 1 through 9 to select ½ the number of minutes before the cab automatically shuts off. Entering 5 set the shutoff to 10 minutes. If you enter 0 the cab will never automatically shut off and you will have to manually shut it off. Press enter to skip setting/changing the Layout ID. The cab should return to normal operation. Factory default is 10 minutes (value of 5)



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