PH-Pro / Powerhouse / CS02 - What Version do I have?

To find the version number: From the regular loco screen on the cab: Press prog / esc 5 times to get to "Set Cmd Station". Press enter. The first thing you see is the command station version.

The most recent version is 3/1/2007c (released on 10/18/2011) for the  PH-Pro / Power Pro / Powerhouse / CS02 amp system boxes.  

Note***  This will not work with older Wangrow command stations or the NCE Master Series.

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For a complete description of the firmware history for Wangrow / NCE command stations go to Mark Gurries NCE page

Below are the list of features of software upgrades offered for the Master Series and PowerPro DCC systems.

There are two type of software releases. Major and minor.

Major are software upgrade that add new features to the system and comes with a flyer announcing there release with a description of the new features.
Minor are bug fixes with no announcements.
Both are put into NCE product production as soon as there are released such that NCE always ships system with the latest version.

1995 Release (TBD) First Release and Joint release NCE Master Series/Wangrow's SYSTEM-1)
Initial Release

*Accessory Address Range: 1-2044
*Cab Address range: 2 to 63  (62 cabs)
*Advanced Consist Address Range: 1 to 111  (111 Advanced Consist)
*Engine Address Range: Long: 0-9999, Short: 1 to 127
*Speed Steps Supported: 14, 28 and 128.
*Support for up to 10 Locomotive Macros.  Not for accessory control.  Implement loco lights effects or control.

1996 Release (11/29/95)
Same feature as release shown above PLUS:

*Test for Loco in use.
*Recalls expanded to 6.
*Assignable Bell and Whistle Function Numbers
*Command Station Access control expanded.  Who can do what based on cab address.
*All Command Station configuration information can be changed with ProCab.  No more Dip-switch Settings.
*Accessory Decoder Programming Support.
*Expanded Advance Consist Address range.  1 to 127 now allowed.
*Expanded Fast Clock control.
*Cab address range expanded by one to 63 cabs.  1-63

1998 Release (1/22/98) Last Joint release NCE Master Series/Wangrow's SYSTEM-1, First release under PowerPro name (PowerHousePro)
Same feature as release shown above PLUS:

*NMRA Conformance Warrent #96-4.
*Support for AIU baord to allow occupancy detection with BD20.
*New 200 Accessory Macros with 10 steps per macro.  Locomotive macros replace/deleted.
*Improved cab polling response and discovery.
*Introduction of Binary Commands for PC interface
*Loco Aliasing for Advanced Consist.  Allows Long address number of lead loco to control Advanced Consist.
*Emergency Stop key works in all modes.

Minor Bug fix/upgrade release 4/19/99

2004 Release (11/19/2004)
Same feature as release shown above PLUS:

*Improved and Simplified Advanced Consisting.  Consist can now be control from any end using alias.
*Improved and Simplified Programming on the Main and Program Track. .
*12 Functions now available .
*Throttle Controlled Momentum .
*Direct Mode Programming .
*Support for Macro Panel . .
*Support for Signal decoders .
*Backup of system memory for consists, macros and system setup .
*Improved support for computer operation and programming . .
*Support for a unlimited number ‘computer’ cabs

Minor Bug fix/upgrade release 12/21/04

2006 Release (7/1/2006)
Same feature as release shown above PLUS:

*Ability to delete or replace lead/rear locos from advanced consists  (Consist Browser/Manager)
*Introduction of “playable” whistles for sound decoders
*28 Functions now available with all cabs
*Improved OPs mode programming of sound decoders
*Addition of new NMRA OPs programming modes for accessory/signal decoders
*Improved support for Signal decoders
*Clear recalls, selected locos of all cabs without resetting whole system
*Clear all advanced consists from system memory without resetting whole system
*New, improved computer operation and programming commands

2007 Release (3/1/2007)

*System remembers last state of all 2044 accessory (turnout) decoders as performed by a given Cab, macros, mini-panel or PC.
*Function state of all 28 functions is now displayed by the EXPN button when pushed.  (Does not work with radio).
*You can now clear all advanced Consist without resetting the whole system.
*PC access via ASCII commands are removed.  All PC communication must use Binary Commands.
*When selecting a locomotive with sound that is muted, function and speed step zero commands are sent to wake up a sound locomotive confirming selection.
*Broadcast Op-Mode programming supported.
*Improved turnout control. Remembers last turnout number you used for faster turnout control.  Pressing the SEL ACCY button twice will toggle the position of the current (last) turnout without entering anything.

2007A (7/10/2008) This is a BETA version that was in limited release for testing only. It was never put into production.
2007B  (12/31/10)
Same as 2007 release plus:
Version fixes compatibility issue with the brand new Cab06.  Addresses problem of showing correct engine numbers on the cabs LED display.   The problem would show up if the engine number was greater than 4095.    You must upgrade to this version if you use a Cab06.  A free PowerPro upgrade chip is shipped in the Cab06 box.

2007C (10/18/11) 
Same as version 2007B plus:
Faster Cab polling due to improvement in command station communication to none display cabs.


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