PH-Pro / Powerhouse / CS02 - What Version do I have?

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To find the version number: From the regular loco screen on the cab: Press prog / esc 5 times to get to "Set Cmd Station". Press enter. The first thing you see is the command station version.

Part Number: 524-401

No need upgrade unless you are trying to solve an issue

Effective date: 22 March 2021 The most recent version for the PH-Pro / Power Pro / Powerhouse / CS02 5 amp system boxes. Self install. Note*** This will not work with older Wangrow command stations or the NCE Master Series. 

Manual attached to this article

1. Support for new DCC time packet for simplified automation
2. Optional ‘purging’ of unused cabs to speed up system response
3. Setting of all 1024 CVs in any programming mode
4. Improved startup for Cab06 cabs
5. Ability to disable Momentum button on cabs
6. Numerous bug fixes
7. Other changes and improvements

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