Sticky or Non Functioning Keys

The keypad membrane is easily removed by opening the case. Check the contacts and clean the board and the keypad with small bit of alcohol see the details below.

Also try a throttle reset. To reset any NCE throttle including the Powercab hold down "select loco" key while plugging in, to read or change cab address with cursor blinking, use 00 to reset the cab to factory defaults. 

 The “contacts” under the Buttons on the Throttles get dirty over time that’s easily fixed. Disassemble the Throttle and separate the keypad Membrane from the Circuit Board.

Clean all 35 “contacts” (Procab/PowerCab) by applying some Circuit Board Cleaner or similar to a piece of cloth and rubbing all the contacts. Leave the Circuit Board to dry off. 

Clean the Keypad Membrane in the sink with warm water and some detergent by gently washing around the recessed black domes. Dry with towel and let the Membrane completely “dry out”.

 Re-assemble the Throttle and your throttle will work like new.

replacement keypads for a Procab / Powercab can be ordered here   


To send a cab in for service: No need to call, No RMA number needed. Include your contact info (phone / email ) and a description of the problem. 

NCE Corporation
Attn: Service Dept.
82 East Main Street
Webster, NY. 14580

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