Fine tuning locomotive operation

The factory settings normally provide good performance for most locomotives in HO-Scale. You may want to improve or fine tune performance by adjust the starting characteristics or top speed.


Start Voltage - CV2 (Vstart): Before programming the start voltage we recommend programmingCV65 (Kick Start) to zero. Kick start is used to overcome the ‘friction’ of the motor by giving it a voltage ‘kick’ when starting from a stop. We don’t want it getting in the way of setting Vstart. We prefer using Operations Mode Programming (Program on the Main) to set CV2 so the locomotive is just able to maintain movement at speed step 1. You can also use the programming track, it just takes a bit longer to find the right setting for CV2.

Torque compensation kick rate - CV116: How frequently the motor is ‘kicked’ at slow speed. Typical adjustment is 2 to 4. The smaller the number the more often the motor gets a brief v oltage ‘kick’. Factory default is 0 (off). A value of 1
applies kicks continuously. The maximum practical value is about 8.

Torque compensation kick strength - CV117: How hard the motor is ‘kicked’ at slow speed. Typical adjustment is 4 to 25 The larger the number the more voltage is applied in each ‘kick’. The strength of these kicks fade out ratiometrically as
speed is increased providing a smooth transition to normal motor operation. Factory default is 0 (off), usable range 0-50.

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