Fine tuning locomotive operation

The factory settings normally provide good performance for most locomotives in HO-Scale. You may want to improve or fine tune performance by adjust the starting characteristics or top speed.


Start Voltage - CV2 (Vstart): Before programming the start voltage we recommend programming CV 

Torque compensation kick rate - CV116: How frequently the motor is ‘kicked’ at slow speed. Typical adjustment is 2 to 4. The smaller the number the more often the motor gets a brief v oltage ‘kick’. Factory default is 0 (off). A value of 1
applies kicks continuously. The maximum practical value is about 8.

Torque compensation kick strength - CV117: How hard the motor is ‘kicked’ at slow speed. Typical adjustment is 4 to 25 The larger the number the more voltage is applied in each ‘kick’. The strength of these kicks fade out ratiometrically as
speed is increased providing a smooth transition to normal motor operation. Factory default is 0 (off), usable range 0-50.

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