Clear Consist Information

To clear possible consist conflicts from a Power Pro command station:

1. Put ALL your locomotives on the track. This is an important step so the consisting information in the command station and the decoders matches.

2. Prog/esc 5 times, to go to “set cmd station”

3. Press enter 32 times, to scroll thru the menu options. Look for “clear all advanced consist”

4. Reboot command station


Don't forget to check CV19 in ANY locomotive not responding to commands even after a decoder reset.

Did you add the loco to a consist by mistake?  View / read back the value of CV19 for that loco in programming track mode. Do you see something in CV19 other than 0? To clear the consist id from the loco reset CV19 to a value of 0. Reboot your system, it should then respond to the original address.


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