SB5 SB3 SB3A in Booster Only Mode

To set to booster only mode:
1. Move the small switch on the bottom toward the rear of the box.
2. Connect a Power Cab or Pro Cab directly to the front of the SB3, SB3a, or SB5 smart booster in a cab bus jack.
3. On your cab Press <PROG/ESC> followed by <5> to see the SET CMD STATION prompt on the LCD of the cab.
4. Press <ENTER> repeatedly until you see “ENABLE BOOSTER”

*** note, if you are missing this part of the menu in your booster, contact NCE for the latest firmware version 1.65B free of charge.

5. Press <1> to enable booster only mode

The status LED on the booster should start flashing rapidly indicating that there is no command station control bus signal present. The Smart booster is now in "Booster Only" mode. Use the “Control Bus” jack on the front of the booster. Connect your DCC signal here. To return the booster to normal command station mode, just reverse the above process. (switch toward front of box, disable booster mode in SET CMD STATION).


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