Layout ID - wireless cabs

do you have other wireless cabs that are working ok?  

it could be a "layout ID " issue - the id must be set to 0 on the cab and the RB02 , do not attempt to use any other number.

Setting the layout ID on the RB02

1- Unplug the RB02 from the Cab Bus. Do not turn off system power.
2- Plug a ProCab into the PORT A connector of the RB02 using any standard Cab Bus cable.
If a repeater cable is already plugged into this expansion port temporarily remove it.
3- Restore the Cab Bus connection to the RB02.
4- Type the desired Layout ID number (factory default) then press ENTER.
5- Unplug the ProCab from PORT A to enable radio operation of the RB02 . The radio will not
operate until the cab is unplugged.
6- Restore the repeater connection to PORT A if it was removed

Setting the layout ID on the ProCab
turn system OFF
The layout ID is set by pressing “EXPN” and selecting option #2 (SETUP RADIO).
Press “ENTER” to skip setting/changing the automatic shutdown timer. Press 0 to set the
Layout ID.  Press enter and the cab should return to normal   operation.

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