To reset cab:  hold down select loco while plugging in cab. Enter 00 as cab ID. power pro system 1 - 63 throttles. max 16 procabs running radio , cab address 2-17 due to limitation of display memory

red light flashing on cs02 or PH-pro system box: slow flash - short on track. fast flash - no signal from command station, check control bus cable. gibberish on cab screen - bad cab bus data. Cabling issues or need more cab bus power.

use yard mode with NON ENCODER throttles only! Use buttons or pot only!

Consisting information in command station has lead loco number / rear loco number = consist id number. This will be lost if command station is reset or consists are cleared from command station

consist id in locomotive decoder is stored in CV19. If loco does not respond set cv19 to 0 to clear consist.

if consist id is unknown after command station reset, will need to recreate.

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