NCE AR10 Auto Reverser with built in Circuit Breaker

The AR10 is an automatic reverse loop controller AND circuit breaker for DCC layouts. 

The part number for the AR10 is 524-233 or 5240233 

It requires just four connections, two to the main line track power and two to the loop. In addition, it functions as a circuit breaker for the reverse loop. Recommended for DCC systems from 1 to 10 Amps. The AR10 will work with any DCC system from any manufacturer and all NCE systems including the Power Cab.


Make sure no other track power devices like circuit breakers or frog juicers are in line before or after the AR. For the AR to function correctly it needs to have a direct connection to your main DCC system and the output is directly connected to the AR loop, the loop must be double-gapped on both ends and the gaps should be after any switches.

For details on wiring an AR loop go here:

Features of the AR10:
 Automatically controls the polarity of DCC reverse loops
 Provides short circuit protection for loop
 Ready to run without any programming
 Trip current adjustable 1 to 10 Amps
 Easy hookup using screw terminals, no soldering
 Solid state design provides silent, reliable operation
 Status indication LED
 Additional output for remote LED
 Automatic or manual reset after short circuit shutdown
 Adjustable short circuit response time
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