Two Power Cabs on the same layout

Important note!  BOTH Power Cabs need to be version 1.65 or newer for this configuration to work correctly! To check your version go here: 

Remember to check each Power Cab individually with the other Power Cab unplugged / disconnected.


The "primary" Power Cab needs to be plugged into the special Power Cab Panel (PCP) on the left side with the flat cable and set to cab address 2. This one will stay where it is and be plugged in at all times. Track power and wall power are travelling thru this handset.

The second Power Cab uses the coiled cable. This one can roam around to different panels being unplugged and moved as needed. Two things need to be done to the second Power Cab. A startup delay needs to be added and the cab address needs to be changed. You can use the second Power Cab alongside the primary cab in the same panel or add a second panel in a second location on the layout. The second panel will be the regular UTP - Universal Throttle Panel 5240207. You will need an RJ12 cab bus cable to connect between the rear of both panels.

Unplug the Primary Power Cab.

On the “second” Power Cab -  press prog/esc 5 times.

Look for “Set CMD Station”

Press enter 14 times

Look for “Procab Power Up Seconds”

The default value is 4,  the maximum delay is 30 seconds.

Most people use a value between 10 and 20 seconds.

Change the Cab id on the second Power Cab. It should not be set to 2. Use 3, 4, or 5

click here to learn how to change the cab id.

Note that this wiring diagram below has ONE power supply and ONE set of track feeders. Between the panels and the cables that came with both Power Cabs you should have enough to wire your system as below.



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