Power Cab Ammeter

Note: This mode is not available when using the Power Cab with a booster such as the SB5. That is because the Power Cab is now being used as a Pro Cab and is no longer supplying the track power. So it can no longer measure track current.
a) In the lower left corner of the Power Cab keypad press the Program / Escape  (PROG/ESC) key 6 times.  You are looking for "SET CAB PARAMS"  
b) Press "ENTER" key.
c) Display will now say: "SHOW TRK CURRENT 1=Y". 
d) Press "1" key.
e) Press PROG/ESC key 2 times to get back to the main screen.
The clock display will be temporarily replaced by the current meter display.
if you make a mistake just remove and restore power to the cab and start over.
Now place the engine of concern on the track connected to a train you plan on running with the engine. Run the engine on the worst part of the layout (heavy grade and/or on a sharp curve) but at the speed you plan to run the engine at.  It is best to remove all other engines from the track so you can get a good accurate reading of JUST the engine current your running. You will notice the maximum current is a function of the speed and where it is running on the layout.
The display will show the current consumed by the engine giving you the actual number.  Note the highest current you saw. That is your actual current giving you a better understanding of how much current it will consume.  Repeat for all your engines of concern.
Note***   When you remove power from the Power Cab to shut it down, or use Program track mode the clock display will be restored.
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