Accessory Decoder Bug Report

Accessory Decoder Bug Report:
This report covers NCE 'Mk2' accessory decoders:
• Switch8-Mk2 v1.0
• Switch-It-Mk2 v1.0
• Qsnap-Mk2 v1.0
• Serv8-Mk2 v1.0


Some accessory addresses are displayed incorrectly. There are 21 accessory addresses displayed incorrectly by the decoder's on board LED display. When programming and address the address is accepted and will operate correctly but will displayed with a number that is 256 higher. See the table on the following page for the list of addresses. 


The decoder will still accept the desired address but will not display it correctly. You may continue to use the problem addresses with confidence it will just not display correctly.

Rarely when programming a new address the decoder will accept an address that is 4 lower than the desired address. If this happens just program the address a second time. In extremely rare cases it may be necessary to program it to a third address before  getting it to accept the desired address.

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