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All of these type of products work the same way. These are small boards with super capacitors that act as a battery. They automatically start to discharge and supply power when track power is no longer detected. All you need is the proper location on the decoder to connect the (+) and (-). It is important to note that these connection locations are NOT related directly to track power OR motor connection points.

Attached is an NCE decoder specific example.  The manufacturer of the decoder you are connecting it to can, and should, supply you with the connection points. Sometimes they are already labelled on the board like ours.


Dimensions: 1.250" x 0.640” x 0.290" (32 x 16 x 7.5 mm)
Eliminates or reduces the following due to dirty track or unwired switch frogs:
• Stalling
• Sound interruption
• Light flicker
Caution: Do not exceed DCC track voltage of 15 volts

suitable for HO Scale ONLY.   click here to buy now


Connection examples:



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