SB5 Smartbooster not working.

A slow flash on the status light of an SB5 is a short circuit.  Remove the two wires for the track but leave the power supply plugged in. If the light stops flashing, you have a short circuit in your wiring, or on the track, or in a locomotive.

If it still flashes with the track STILL unplugged,  then it can be the SB5 booster OR the P514 power supply. Unplug the P514 power supply from the booster. If the LED on the power supply STOPS flashing when you unplug it from the SB5 then the power supply is fine. This means the SB5 booster is damaged and needs to be sent in for repair.



No RMA number needed for repairs.

  1. Please put your first and last name LEGIBLY on the outside of the package.
  2. Include your contact info (email and phone number) inside the box.
  3. Include a detailed description of the problem inside the box.
  4. If payment is needed, we will contact you before work is done to make payment arrangements. We do not take credit cards directly. We use PayPal for credit card processing and electronic payments. We also take checks by mail
  5. Please note that NCE does not have an electronic notification system. You will not be notified when we have received your package. Do not contact us for this, please contact the shipping company for that information.
  6. FYI- the backlog stands at 4 to 5 weeks from when the package arrives.

 Send to:      

NCE Corporation

Attn: Service Dept.

82 East Main Street

Webster, NY. 14580


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