MTH Protosound 3 (CV8=27)

To put engine to just like it was when you got it brand new
Set CV 8 to 8. using PoM reset everything entirely back to factory default

Long and Short Addressing

Like most DCC Decoders, your MTH PS3.0-equipped engine can be programmed
with both Long and Short Address. Short addresses are those from 1-127 and Long addresses are those from 128-9999. You can program the engine address either with Programming on the Main (PoM) or using a Programming Track. Since it's easiest, in most cases, to PoM the instructions will show you how to do it this way. By default, your MTH PS3.0-equipped engine comes programmed with both a long and short DCC address. The default Short address is always 3. The default Long address is 3333.
To change your engine's Short Address using PoM:
1. Call up the engine's current address on your DCC handheld
2. Enter Programming on the Main on your DCC handheld


F3 – Pressing this twice (toggle on then off) will start up your engine. When you
apply DCC power your MTH PS3.0-equipped engine will remain dark and quiet.
Since you likely don't want to run the engine this way, simply press F3 twice to start
your engine. The lights, sound and smoke (if equipped) will come on.
Note that you are actually able to move the engine in DCC without starting it up. Just
increasing the throttle will cause the engine to move. In order for F3 to function
correctly the engine must NOT be moving. To shut your engine down, press the F3 button twice. This will play the shut down sounds and then turn the lights and smoke and sounds off. As long as there is DCC power still on the track the engine can be started up again by pressing the F3 button twice.

Bell/Whistle (Horn)
F1 – Bell. To activate the Bell press F1. To deactivate it, hit F1 again
F2 – Whistle (Horn). To activate the Whistle/Horn, press F2. To shut it off either
let off the F2 button or press and release it

F4 – PFA. PFA in MTH lingo stands for Passenger/Freight Announcements.

F6 – Master Volume. There are 10 volume levels. Pressing F6 twice (toggling on
then off) raises the Master Volume one level. The Master Volume loops. That is, if
 you go past the 10 level it will loop back around to the 1 or lowest volume level.





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