Adding power to the NCE Cab bus


 If the total length of your cab bus or any single cab bus cable is 30 feet or more from the command station you will need to inject power into the cab bus to make sure you get a clean signal with a minimum 8v gets out to the devices on the cab bus. The overall goal is this:  A minimum of 8v DC as measured on the UTP Panel and cab bus cables between pins 2 (-)/ GND and pin 5 (+12VDC / Black and Yellow.

If you do not own a multimeter here is a link to an inexpensive one from Home Depot - 


5240207 The “regular” UTP - 1/8inch (3.5mm) (Mono mini headphone jack) on the back of the UTP. The tip of the plug is positive (+) and the sleeve is negative.   

Go here for the plug from digikey -   

Digi-Key Part Number CP3-1005-ND


5240234    UTP-Cat5    Additional power for the Cab Bus can be added to the socket in between the Cat5 sockets. We suggest a 1/2 to 2 Amp, 12 to 14 Volt, Regulated DC power supply such as the NCE P114. (5.5/2.5mm plug center +)

Buy a UTP-Cat5 here


If you have a  regular UTP but want to add the P114 for added cab bus power, you will need to hack off the end and add the male 1/8inch (3.5mm) (Mono mini headphone plug)  or solder the P114 directly to the board

Buy a P114 here


Additional power for the Cab Bus can be added to the socket in between the Cat5 sockets. We suggest a 1/2 to 2 Amp, 12 to 14Volt, Regulated DC power supply such as the NCE P114. (5.5/2.5mm plug center +) The switch on each UTP-Cat5 should always be in the “NORM POWER” position.

Only switch it to “EXT POWER” on panels that have an additional power supply connected. Please Note: The UTP-Cat5 printed circuit board is marked on the upper, right corner that says “CMD STA” with an arrow. This indicates that the cable from the Command Station (Cat5 or six wire) should plug in here.







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