loco stutters or stalls across power districts

 Rail Polarity is out of phase. The power on the rails is actually a form of AC called PWM. So, it does not have a traditional + and -. But it can still be “backwards”

1. Try switching one set of feeders and see if that helps. Everything may be wired correctly and STILL be out of phase, just try it to see what happens.

2. Are you using boosters? Are they all grounded to each other and all are grounded to the command station? Do not ground anything to earth ground.

3. If you have a “live frog” switch in the power district gap, examine the wiring very carefully. Make sure that the 2 inside rails that form the V of the frog are insulated  / gapped.

4. make sure the both power districts have the same voltage for HO scale 14 to 15v AC. 

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