Using a mobile decoder as a stationary or function only decoder

Any mobile decoder such as a D13SR can be wired directly to the track bus or wired inside a non powered locomotive, caboose or passenger car for lighting needs. The one requirement will be to simulate a motor load with a 47ohm 1/4 watt resistor on the orange and gray motor leads. Without a load you will not be able to program or control the decoder.

The lighting outputs on our decoder lighting outputs are rated for 100mA when used with an LED.  

 A D13 is a mobile decoder and as such it requires a motor load across orange and gray to function correctly. If no motor is used, you must put a dummy load across the motor output. We find that a 47 ohm, 1/4w resistor works fine for this.

  1. Leds cannot be dimmed in the traditional sense. On locomotive decoders, we accomplish this with a little sleight of hand. For the function and lighting outputs what we do is turn the led on and off at different rates of speed. Your eye cannot detect the actual rate of change so it appears as if the light is dimming. On NCE decoders this is done by adjusting the EFX CV associated with each output. See below and the chart attached 


CV33 F0F     default value is 1      output 1 / white  / pin 6

CV34 F0R     default value is 2      output 2 / yellow / pin 2

CV35 F1       default value is 4      output 3 / green  / pin 3

CV36 F2       default value is 8      output 4 / violet 


CV120 EFX for F0F output 1 / white  / pin 6  default value is 1 directional active in Forward

CV121 EFX for F0R output 2 / yellow / pin 2        default value is 2  directional active in Reverse 

CV122 EFX for F1 output 3 / green / pin 3          default value is 0 - standard on / off  

CV123 EFX for F2 output 4 / violet                 default value is 0 - standard on / off   


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