What do I need? USB interface for Power Cab

Important note -The USB board is a low voltage device (12v/5v). Damage due to static shock or a bad ground / no ground is definitely possible. Be especially aware of this in dry environments with low humidity. Laptops and laptop power supplies are notorious for bad ground and noisy power. A good surge protector is highly recommended for all DCC equipment. Check your AC outlets for proper wiring.


The basic "what do I need" in the order to get your Power Cab connected to a computer. 

1. Power Cab  5240025 - click here for more info
2. NCE USB interface 5240223 - click here for more info 

3. Standard USB printer cable - not included. 

4. Any NCE cab bus cable coiled or flat. Example: 5240213.  A 7 Foot, 6 wire flat cable cab bus, 2 RJ12 connectors.


For smartphone control add these:

A: MAC or a Windows 10 PC with USB running a JMRI Wi-Fi Throttle Server  -

B: A wireless home network
C: A smart phone or tablet running the JMRI Engine Driver app


The NCE USB interface for the Power Cab  Part Number 5240223  


 For computer programming and/or operation of Power Cab equipped layouts. Requires USB cable, computer and railroad computer program. One end of the board is the NCE cab bus - a 6 pin / 6 wire RJ12 jack. This connects to any NCE panel including the PCP - Power Cab Panel. Any NCE cab bus cable coiled or flat. Example: 5240213 - 7 Foot, 6 wire flat cable cab bus, 2 RJ12 connectors. The other end of the board is a USB (B) end jack like on a USB printer. The jack on the NCE USB board looks like this:


The cable you will need is a standard USB printer cable and looks like this on one end. This is the end that normally plugs into your printer but in this case it plugs into our USB interface instead:

 The USB side of the board will draw 50mA from the host computer. Make sure your PC is connected to a good surge protector with a ground and the wall outlet you use for this has been wired correctly with a ground! USB devices are low voltage and low current devices that can be easily damaged by poor grounding or low quality power supplies. Pay very close attention to this detail when connecting a laptop! 


JMRI is free software in the public domain and not related to NCE in any way, shape, or form. We do what we can for our customers that own the USB board. However, JMRI is only one of many pieces of software used with our USB interface. We provide a link to the drivers for the Silicon Labs chipset used on board, the software used with the USB board is up the end user. Any other information by NCE regarding JMRI is provided as a courtesy only. Questions regarding JMRI should be directed to the JMRI user group

JMRI user group -


The default settings for the USB interface are: All jumpers OFF /  9600 baud / COM port 3. / NCE cab address 3

Windows 10 is 100% plug and play. important: check windows updates and windows optional updates.


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