Using RR-Cirkits BOD-1 with PH-Pro

  • Obtain two 0.1 microfarad disc ceramic capacitors. A three terminal (input) terminal strip is at one end of the PC board for connection to the track and power bus. Turn the PCB over and solder one disc capacitor to the two outside terminals (A and B) where the terminal strip is soldered to the PCB. There are two black squares to the right of the input terminal strip with plated through holes at both ends. Put the wires of the second disc capacitor through the holes located at either end of one of the black squares (detector diodes). One hole must be one near the bottom edge of the PCB and the other hole must be near the center of the PCB. If you don't want to solder to the PCB you can connect one capacitor to terminals A and B and the second to terminals B and T. In any case keep the capacitor leads as short as possible.
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