10 amp system Installation Pictures PH10, CS02, PB110a, brutus

This is the pre wired 4 pin power plug on the cable from the Brutus. For details on Brutus Click here

This is the left side of the PB110a booster box. This jack is for the transformer  / power supply INPUT only. To provide the needed current capacity Pins 1 and 2 are grouped together, 3 and 4 are also grouped together. The photo shows the pre wired 4 pin plug included with the 18VAC /10 amp Brutus power supply. Plug and play! However any supply can be used that does not exceed 22VAC / 32VDC. You also see a small 4 wire data (not phone) cable (RJ-H). This is the control bus data cable that gets the DCC signal from the command station CS02. The power light should be a solid red. A fast flash means no data from the command station. A slow flash indicates a track short!

Below, This is the right side of the CS02 Command Station box. You see the control bus data cable (RJ-H) going out to the booster. The cab bus jack (RJ12) is also located here. You can plug in an RB02 radio base station, a cab of any kind, or a cable that goes out to a cab panel (UTP). Power for the CS02 is provided by the 2 pin plug shown. Included in the PH10 an 18VDC/1A power supply prewired with a 2 pin plug.

 Here is everything together: 

 The track output follows the same rule as the power input. Pins 1 and 2 are for rail A. Pins 3 and 4 are for rail B. Notice that I did not specify a polarity! This is PWM-AC not DC on the rails.






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